A downloadable game

A Man and a defect, bloated Boris named Fettig live out the rest of their days in this workshop dripping with ink, rebelling against the Ink Demon, by drinking whiskey and vandalizing his domain with graffiti, all within the safety of blindfolding his cardboard cutouts, disrupting his view of the area.

One of the men make a mistake and ends up revealing their location to Bendy, now with no other place to go, they must find a new area of safety.

Or Escape the Demon's Grasp entirely, with the help of an Angel


This is a project I've been working on for a few weeks now and is nowhere NEAR being completed, I'm very new to the Unity engine, and still learning the In's and Out's to C#,

This story is completely Non-Canon and it'll probably change more and more as we go deeper into the main story of the game,

Development log